Lithium Battery Power Station backup battery for outdoor or home use

2020-08-11 09:47

Portable Solar Power Generator 400wh 300w with AC output

Model Number: AIN400

Output: 100V-240V

Application: Home, Outdoor

Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery

Warranty; 1 year

Weight; 9Kg

Type; Standby

Capacity: 400Wh

Display: LCD

Output; 300W\

Built-in battery type: Samsung li-ion 18650 cell

Battery capacity: 400Wh

Solar charge controller type: MPPT

Solar input power: 120W

AC input power: 70W

DC car lighter input power: 48W

Rated AC output power: 300W

Output AC power waveform: pure sine wave

Output AC voltage: 110/120/220/230/240Vdc

Output AC frequency: 50 & 60Hz

USB output: 5V 3.5A

Car lighter output: 120W

DC 6mm port output: 12V 5A and 10A (2 ports): for lamps and more...

P.S.: Solar panel is not standard accessory.


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