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LiFePO4 Chemistry
LiFePO4 is the formula name of Lithium Iron Phosphate, also known as LFP. It replaced other battery technologies because of its technological advancement and safety features. This latest technology is being used in a number of application from small devices consumer devices to heavy duty industrial machines.  These cells have high density and light weight which enable this technology to use in multiple devices.

Why LiFePO4?
These batteries are specially used for Energy storage solution(ESS) and heavy machinery because of their deep cycling features.  ALL IN ONE helps to install the Energy storage solutions for renewable energy and also to design and manufacture the other kind of portable energy solutions.

Prismatic Cells
These cells are used for more energy storage. These batteries are mechanically very stable due their structures. These batteries are mainly used for energy storage for industry and home usage, ups application, telecommunication, golf carts, electric trucks, and electric buses. The storage capacity of these cells are from 20Ah to 120Ah.

Features of ALL IN ONE LiFePO4 batteries
ALL IN ONE is one of the main producer and supplier for LiFePO4 batteries in China. Our batteries have the features due to our superior technologies and state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Very long cycle life
ALL IN ONE Lifepo4 batteries provides 2500 life cycles with 80% DOD at 25oC temperature. Life cycles may vary with temperature change.

Light Weight
These batteries are very light weight as compared to the Lead-acid batteries and all other old technologies. Due to this property these batteries are popular batteries in e-mobility industry to outperform the old technologies such as lead-acid batteries.

These batteries do not contain any hazardous material so these are fully environment friendly and recyclable batteries.

Wide Temperature range -10C- to 60C
Operational temperature range is very wide it operates on extreme temperatures. The normal operational temperature range is from -10oC to +60oC. These batteries are also used as starter batteries in extremely cold temperatures.

Easy to Recycle
These batteries are easy to recycle without any hazardous waste and dangerous emissions in the environment.

Very Low Internal Resistance
These batteries have very low internal resistance which is very favorable for its safety.

Maintenance Free
Normally old technology batteries such as lead-acid batteries required regular maintenance which increase the over cost of the battery system. When you replace lead-acid batteries with LiFePO4, then you do not need to worry about regular maintenance of the battery because these batteries do not require any kind of maintenance.