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NiMH Battery

ALL IN ONE Ni-MH Battery Specifications

Nominal Voltage1.2V
Energy Density115Wh/kg
Max Discharge Rate20C
Committed Minimum No. Of discharge300times with 0.5C discharge rate(IEC standard is 500 times with 0.2C discharge
Regular Battery Storage Temperature0°C to 40°C
Discharge Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Charging Environment Temperature <40°C
Operating Temperature
Product SeriesNominalHigh TemperatureLow Temperature
Charging Standard0°C to 40°C0°C to 70°C0°C to 40°C
Charging  (Quite Charge)0°C to 40°C0°C to 70°C0°C to 40°C
Discharge-20°C to 50°C0°C to 70°C-40°C to 50°C
Storage-20°C to 30°C-20°C to 30°C-20°C to 30°C
Cell Testing
Product SeriesNominalLow TemperatureHigh Temperature
Low-temperature-20°C, 0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min-40°C, 0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min0°C, 0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min
High-temperature40°C, 0.1C charging 16h,0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min70°C, 0.1C charging 16h,0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min40°C, 0.1C charging 16h,0.2C discharge to 1.0V/cell ≥180min

Our Advantages

ALL IN ONE High Discharge Rate NiMH Battery

Our Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries offers up to 2 times the C-rate of same standard of same size standard Nickel Cadmium Batteries. Due to their higher discharge rate and energy density features, users can use on more powerful equipment and applications.

ALL IN ONE offers are variety of NiMH Battery Cells with wide temperature ranges. These Cells provide new electrode development which allows for a wide temperature range and long life.

ALL IN ONE High Discharge Rate NiMH Battery

Ultra High Capacity

Safety and Reliability

No Memory Effect

Quick Charge Capability

Longer Cycle Life

Compatible to any size(AAA,AA,C,D and 9V)

Low Self Discharge

Environmental Friendly

Uniform Temperature Performance

Longer Cycle Life

High Tolerance to overcharging


Ni-MH Applications

NiMH battery technology is tried, tested and proven to be suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, Its safety and reliability credentials are unparalleled in the market.

Consumer Electronics

Industrial Applications

Medical Equipment

Home Appliances


R/C Hobby

Lighting Equipment

Power Tools

Personal Care



Digital Cameras

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries List

SeriesItemNominal VoltageDiameterHeightWeight
AAAA SeriesAAAA3001.2VΦ7.842.2-0.46.8±0.3
AAA SeriesAAA230-AAA9501.2VΦ10.021.0~44.45-0.45.5~12.3±0.3
AA SeriesAA300-AA25001.2VΦ11.2~14.316.6~50.4-0.48.0~29.6±0.5
A SeriesA650-A37001.2VΦ16.628.0~66.6-0.415.8~52.6±0.5
Power A SeriesA800-A33001.2VΦ16.6~17.026.0~66.6-0.417.0~52.0±0.5
18 Series18 3200-45001.2VΦ18.066.8~71.8-0.455.0-63.5±0.5
SC SeriesSC1300-46001.2VΦ21.9~22.832.6~43.6-0.430.8~69.0±0.1
C SeriesC2250-62001.2VΦ25.229.3~62.3-0.421.8~69.0±1
D SeriesD3500-160001.2VΦ32.234.6-90.0-0.575.5~246±2

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