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ALL IN ONE Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.

ALL IN ONE was established in 2010 since then we were specialized in manufacturing NiMH, Li-ion Batteries. ALL IN ONE is one of the largest manufacturer of high C-rate and high capacity batteries manufacturer in China.

Our factory is located in Shucheng Economic Development Zone Luan, Anhui Province China with 14 hectare. Sales Dept is based in Longhua Shenzhen.And we have roughly 1000 employees, 20 of them are in our R&D department engineers and technicians who have won several national patents. All In One has independent and advanced facilities each equipped with laboratories, where research and tests of different materials and new products.Scientific operation standards are set up and executed during our process of raw material purchase, inspection, production, outgoing quality control, and warehouse management for excellent efficiency.



ALL IN ONE’s batteries have widely used in different areas,such as aircraft systems, consumer electronics, medical instruments, portable power, electronic tools, and military related projects.

We designs and manufactures custom-made batteries and cells for the specific need, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems. We provide One-stop services and fully integrated battery to reply to specific needs.

Our Factory’s Production Capacity And Advanced Equipment

Production Capacity:

Product Line NameProduction Line CapacityActual Units Produced(Previous Year)
Lithium Lon Battery, Lifepo4 Storage Battery, Lithium Polymer BatteryLithium Lon Battery: 1000000 Sets/Year;Lifepo4 Storage Battery: 1000000 Sets/Year;Lithium Polymer Battery:6000000Sets/Year1000000Sets/Year;1000000Sets/Year;6000000 Sets/Year

Export Market Distribution:

MarketRevenue(Previous Year)Total Revenue (%)
North Americaconfidential60.0
Western Europeconfidential40.0

Production Machinery:

Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Sanyo SMTSanyo22.0Acceptable
Ten Range Automatic Sorting MachineShencheng12.0Acceptable
Sorting Machine CoreNo Information102.0Acceptable
Laminating MachinesBSE-453512.0Acceptable
Ink-jet MachineA40012.0Acceptable
Heat Gun861662.0Acceptable
Spot WelderHY-8868112.0Acceptable
Reflow OvenNo Information12.0Acceptable
Auto Spot WelderNo Information12.0Acceptable

Testing Machinery:

Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Battery TesterBTS-200452.0Acceptable
Capacity Testing Machine5V 3A,60V 10A,100V 100A62.0Acceptable
Electronic Salt-Spray TesterNo Information12.0Acceptable
Battery Vibration TesterNo Information12.0Acceptable
Programmable Temp & Humid TesterXMTB-880212.0Acceptable
Protection Plate Automatic TesterRPT-100062.0Acceptable

Company Culture

Core Values
Equality, Gratitude, Inheritance, Innovation.

To provide advanced rechargeable battery solutions to our unique client and become the go-to manufacturer for battery solutions.

Let everyone have a sense of accomplishment and happiness; Let us be recognized and respected by our customers and peers.

Customers orientation served as service tenet.