12v 30ah inverter battery 500w portable power station

2020-10-24 01:28

12v 30ah inverter battery 500w portable power station

Product type


Capacity12V 40Ah(444WH)12V 30AH(333WH)12V20AH(222WH)
Output powerRated 500W , Max 1000W
Input voltageAC:AC 110V~220V 50/60Hz ,Solar and wind energy DC 18-36V input,vehicle 12 V input,no controller.
Output voltage220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
DC outputFour 12V/4A  Four USB5V/2A
LED light1W max to 3W
Solar charge18V 100W
Vehicle charge12V output,please don’t use 24V

output waveform

pure sine wave
Power cut reaction time≤5  millisecond
OverloadThe AC output will break after overload, the indicating light will show red, disconnecting the overload and restart, then recovery.
Short outThe AC output will break after short out, disconnecting the overload and restart, then recovery.
Lithium batterycycle life above 500 times

Net 4kg    with package is 4.5kg

ColorYellow(could custom other color)

12v 30ah inverter battery 500w portable power station Applications

As AC/DC 12 v / 220 v / 5 v output, it suitable for different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, small printers,kinds of lamps and lanterns, small fish tank heaters, photographic equipments,

electric balance unicycle charging, medical equipments and so on.

Standby time

Device User




Mobile phone  5V

More than 48 times

More than 30 times

More than 30 times

LED light 12V

3W about 150 hours

3W about 96 hours

3W about 96 hours

Office desktop computer

about 5 hours

about 3 hours

about 3 hours


about 11~12 hours

about 8~9 hours

about 9~10 hours

Fan 50W

about 9 hours

about 7 hours

about 5 hours

32-inch LCD TV

about 8 hours

about 6 hours

about 4 hours

20W energy saving lamp

about 23 hours

about 18 hours

about 14 hours

When the power cut suddenly, the lithium battery will supply power automatically at moment, no worry about the power supply .

Camping battery 500w mini portable  secondary generator power station Packages

Package Accessories





UPS Power Host



AC power cord



DC power cord



Warranty Card






LED light 12V 3W(Optical)



Solar panel 18V 100W(Optional)



1.This product contains lithium battery, please stay away from fire source, if not use, please do special treatment, and do not throw away anywhere .

2.Do not use this product under the humid environment or in water ! Please pay attention to the moisture-proof and use it under the ventilated and dry environment.

3.Please gently get and put when use! Do not drop, knock or violent disassemble !

4. If there is any abnormal phenomena such as smoke or fire when using, in order to avoid the explosion , please stop to use it immediately and take relevant measures to put out the fire .

5. Please start this product first and then turn on the corresponding switch if you want to use it, and confirm the LED indicator light is on and the output is running.

6.For the first time to use, please refer to the use specification.

7.When this product is idle, please charge it every three months so as to ensure the battery’s lifetime.


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