Li-ion battery 12V 20Ah lithium battery pack

2020-10-27 01:59


1Item Name12V 20Ah
2Model NumberAIN12-20
3Nominal Voltage11.1V
4Nominal Capacity20Ah
5Overcharge Protection Voltage12.6V
6Over discharge Protection Voltage9.0V
7Maximum Charge Current≤20A
8Continuous Discharge Current≤20A
9Pulse Discharge Current≤20A
10Internal Resistance≤160mΩ
11Load Capacity≤240W
12Service Cycle Life≥500times
13Charge Temperature0°C~45°C
14Discharge Temperature-20°C~60°C
15Storage Temperature-20°C~35°C
16Protection Temperature70°C±5
18Dimension (mm)120*95*70mm
19PackingHighland Barley Paper+PVC
20CharacteristicHigh Capacity, Light, Long Life, long working time, safe, environment friendly
21ApplicationWireless monitoring equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, instruments and meters, LED lamps and lanterns, traffic signs, portable small household appliance, power tools, toys, etc.


18650 Li-ion Lithium Ion battery:

1.Product Feature and Advance:

(1). Large capacity. 18650 lithium battery capacity is generally between 900mAh - 2600mAh. 18650 lithium battery pack is casually can break through 5000mAh.

(2). Long life. Cycle life can reach more than 500 times.

(3). High safety performance. No explosion, no combustion, no poison, no pollution.

(4). High voltage. Nominal voltage is 3.7v.

(5). No memory effect. Before charging Do not have to discharge the remaining electricity, easy to use.

(6). Small internal resistance. Greatly reduces the battery self power consumption.

2.Product application:

Solar power system, Notebook, walkie-talkie, instrumentation, audio equipment, aero modelling, toys, cameras, digital cameras, LED light, electric tools , robot, GPS, radio, portable source, loudspeaker box, unmanned aerial vehicle, torch, aero modelling and other electronic equipment.

3.Product storage:

Battery storage environment should be clean, dry, ventilated room, should avoid contact with corrosive substances, should be far away from fire and heat source.


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