Lithium Battery 18650 Protable UPS 1000W durable all-in-one solar energy storage system emergency power source

2020-08-11 09:41

Model Number: AIN 150 1000W

Solar Panel Type: ALL-in-one

Load Power(W): 1000W

Output Frequency: 50-60HZ

Certificate: CE ROHS UL UN38.3 PSE

Application; Home, Outdoor

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Output Voltage: 100-12V; 220-240V

Work Time(h): 24Hours

Warranty; 2 Years

Package Size: 37X16X36cm

Gross Weight; 18Kg

The use of storage battery system

♣ Case 1

Store the cheap electricity in the night, to reduce the consumption of electricity i Case 1 n the daytime.

Based on power consumption within the family, in the daytime make use of the electricity that sored in the night , to use electricity economically.

♣ Case 2

Contribute to electric saving with power storage system

When the use of the electricity exceeds the setting household power consumption, the exceeded part can be supplemented from the storage battery, to reduce the burden of power grid.


The use of solar electricity generation function

♣ Case 1

Make prior use of the electricity generated from solar system to charge the storage battery system.

♣ Case 2

The electricity generated from solar system is used preferentially to supply power to daily household application, the rest electricity is used to charge the storage battery system.

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