Rechargeable Li-ion 3S1P 18650 10.8v 2250mah Lithium ion battery pack for medical device

2020-11-16 10:19

1.Product Description:

Model18650charge temperature0~45°C,45~85%RH
Nominal voltage10.8Vdischarge temperature-20~55°C,45~85%RH
Nominal capacity2250mAhstorage temperature and humidity rangewithin a month-20~+55°C,45~85%RH
Continuous discharge current0.5Cabove three months-20~+45°C,45~85%RH
over discharge protection current2Cwithin one year-5~+20°C,45~85%RH
over charge protection voltage4.25V + / - 0.025V /CELLSizecustomized(with PCM)
discharge protection voltage2.50V + / - 0.10V /CELL
max. charge voltage4.20v
charge current≤1CSampleOK
Cycle Lifemore than 500 times

Battery Features:

1. High operation voltage.
2. High energy density.
3. Long cycle life, more than 500 charge/discharge cycles ( 80% capacity remained ).
4. Minimal self-discharge, less than 10% monthly.
5. Wide temperature range, operation from :-20°C~+60°C
6. Be charged & discharged at anytime because of non-memory.
7. Environmentally compatible.
8. High level of safety, vision Lithium ion batteries catch no fire and cause no explosion in breaking
experiment, with acupuncture, smash, drop, and so on.

Our Service:

1) We must test every product before shipping.

2)samples time:2-7days,order time:10~20days

3) All inquiries will be replied within 24 hours

4) OEM&ODM,also provide customized service.

5) Distributorship is available for your unique design and some our current models.

6) We will keep secret for customer sale area,design ideas and all other private information

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1. Do not put the battery near the heat source.

2. Do not charge the battery in the environment below 0 degrees.

3. Do not charge in the sun exposure.

4. Do not reverse the positive(+) and the negative(-) terminals.

5. Do not modify or disassemble the battery personally.

6. Do not drop the battery at high altitude or squeeze it.

7. Please charge with the dedicated lithium battery charger.

8. Please keep the battery out of the reachg of children

Packing And Shipping

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