3.6V 6700mAh 18650 Smart home doorbell lithium battery

2020-08-27 02:28

2Cell SpecificationICR18650/3350mAh/3.6V
3Battery packICR18650/1S2P/6700mAh/3.6VCustomizable
4Rated Capacity6700mAhCustomizable
5Min Capacity6360mAh
6Energy24.12 Wh
7Nominal Voltage3.6VCustomizable
8Voltage Before Shipment≥3.9V
9Inner Resistance≤150mΩ
10Charging Voltage5.00±0.2V5V USB
11Floating Charging Voltage5.15±0.2V
12Standard Charging Current1.35A
13Max Charging Current3.35A
14Standard Discharging Current1.35A
15Max Discharging Current3.5A
16Peak discharge current5A/0.1s
17Terminate Voltage3.0V
18SizeWide   70±1 mmCustomizable
Length   41±1 mmCustomizable
Thickness   24±1 mmCustomizable
19WeightAround  120g±10g
20Output WayCustomizable
21Working TemperatureCharge:0~45℃
Recommended Working Temperature:15℃~35℃
22Self-discharge RateThe Residual Capacity:   ≤3%/Month;    ≤15%/Year
Recoverable Capacity

: ≤1.5%/Month;   ≤8%/Year

23Storage EnvironmentLess Than a Month:-20~+35℃、45~75%RH
Less Than 3 Months:-10~+35℃、45~75%RH
Recommended Storage Temperature:15~30℃、45~75%RH
24Warranty12 Months
25Operation StandardGB31241-2014
Long time storage:

When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it should be charged to nearly 50% of the battery with a voltage of about 3.9V and placed under the recommended storage conditions. Do a full charge and discharge cycle at least once every 6 months (charge first, discharge and then recharge 50%).

Application Field:

Smart home doorbell, smart home curtain, smart home robot, mobile POS terminal polymer battery, portable printer lithium battery, financial instrument equipment and other fields.

Main Features:

1. Multiple protection functions: over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit over temperature, etc.;

2. USB charging function: compatible with the traditional 5V USB charging mode;

3. Hardware output terminal: Adopt gold-plated shrapnel output mode to increase the conductivity reliability;

4. LED power display: display the charging status and charging process of the battery to improve the recognition effect of the product;

5. Data communication management: It adopts seiko IC+TI software management chip, precise data transmission and precise temperature control to eliminate security risks to the greatest extent.

6. Battery pack is safe and has good low temperature performance and long cycle life;

7. Battery pack cycle life is high, in line with the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection;

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