7.4V 2000mAh 18650 lithium battery for Portable blood pressure meter

2020-08-27 03:15

2Cell SpecificationICR18650/2000mAh/3.7V
3Battery packICR18650/2S1P/2000mAh/7.4V
4Rated Capacity2000mAhCustomizable
5Min Capacity1900mAh
7Nominal Voltage7.4VCustomizable
8Voltage Before Shipment≥7.8V
9Inner Resistance≤150mΩ
10Charging Voltage8.40±0.2V
11Floating Charging Voltage8.50±0.2V
12Standard Charging Current200mA
13Max Charging Current1000mA
14Standard Discharging Current200mA
15Max Discharging Current2000mA
16Peak discharge current4000mA/0.1s
17Terminate Voltage6.0V
18SizeLength   68.0±1 mmCustomizable
Wide   37.5±1 mmCustomizable
Thickness   21.0±1 mmCustomizable
19WeightAround  98g±20g
20Output WayUL 1007 24# 300±2 WiresCustomizable
21Working TemperatureCharge:0~45℃
Recommended Working Temperature:15℃~35℃
22Self-discharge RateThe Residual Capacity:   ≤3%/Month;    ≤15%/Year
Recoverable Capacity

: ≤1.5%/Month;   ≤8%/Year

23Storage EnvironmentLess Than a Month:-20~+35℃、45~75%RH
Less Than 3 Months:-10~+35℃、45~75%RH
Recommended Storage Temperature:15~30℃、45~75%RH
24Warranty12 Months
25Operation StandardGB31241-2014
Long time storage:

When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it should be charged to nearly 50% of the battery with a voltage of about 7.8V and placed under the recommended storage conditions. Do a full charge and discharge cycle at least once every 6 months (charge first, discharge and then recharge 50%).

Application Field:

Artificial vision, intelligent robot, human brain recognition instrument, handheld POS terminal equipment, handheld tester, badge intelligent instrument, remote control, smart home instrument, dashcam, financial POS machine, medical device, intelligent door lock and other fields.

Main Features:

1. Multiple protection functions: over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit over temperature, etc.;



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