NiMH Rechargeable Battery AA2400 9.6V

2020-08-10 05:32

9.6V 2400mAh Nimh Rechargeable Ni-mh Battery Pack

Normal Voltage9.6V
Battery Size57*51*28.5mm
Advantagelow self-discharge/no memory effect/eco-friendly
Charge operating temperature0°C~45°C
Discharge operating temperature-10°C~60°C
Operating temperature
(surface temperature)
Charge : 0 to 50
(recommended recharge release < 45°C)
Discharge: -20 to 75
(recommended re-discharge release < 60°C)
Storage temperature
(Recovery 90% after storage)
1.5 year -30~25°C(1*)
3 months -30~45°C(1*)
1 month -30~60°C(1*)

Our Advantages:

1 .High capacity, low inner resistance, long cycle life, low self-discharge
2. Strong current charge and discharge capability has reached IEC standard
3. Can endure over-charging
4. Established quality control systems under ISO9002
5. Full production process is controlled strictly
6. All products are inspected strictly with the match of capacity
7. Inspects inner resistance, discharge platform and self-discharge, and also deals
with under the special temperature
8. Cycle time: 500 times
9. Aplication: Using for Power tools,Two-way radio,medical device,Portable DVD,Digital
camera,emergency lighting, etc
10. Warranty: 1 years.


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