NiMH Rechargeable Battery AA 2100mAh 7.2V

2020-08-10 05:57

7.2v 2100 mah battery nimh aa rechargeable battery pack

Nominal Voltage7.2V
Nominal Capacity2100mAh
Standard Charge210mA(0.1C)×15h
Rapid Charge(with –ΔV control  system)1050mA(0.5c)×3h
Trickle Charge current21mA(0.01C)~126mA(0.03C)
Discharge cut-off Voltage6.0V
Maximum continuous discharge current2100mA(1C)
Range for
Standard charge0~45℃
Rapid charge10~45℃
Trickle Charge0~45℃
range for
Within 2 years-20~30℃
Within 6 months-20~40℃
Within 1 month-20~50℃
Humidity for operation and  storageMax 85%
Approx weight177g

Major Application:

Cordless phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, walkmans, razors, flashlights, emergency light, sign lights, fire alarm system, LED lights, solar street lamps, lawn lamp, talkie and walker, sweeper, medical facilities, instruments and meters, electronic toys, electric tools, radio, cell phones …Etc.

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