NiMH Rechargeable Battery AA1800mAh 2.4V

2020-08-10 02:03

Nominal Voltage2.4V
Nominal Capacity1800mAh
Standard Charge180mA(0.1C)×15h
Rapid Charge(with –ΔV control system)900mA(0.5c)×3h
Trickle Charge current18mA(0.01C)~54mA(0.03C)
Discharge cut-off Voltage2.0V
Maximum continuous discharge current1800mA(1C)
Range for
Standard charge0~45℃
Rapid charge10~45℃
Trickle Charge0~45℃
range for
Within 2 years-20~30℃
Within 6 months-20~40℃
Within 1 month-20~50℃
Humidity for operation and storageMax 85%
Approx weight60g

Other Items:

NIMH&NICD product list
ModelCodevoltage (v)capacity(mAh)demension(mm)
AAANI-CD AAA4001.240010.0±0.242.7±0.5
AAANI-MH AAA700J1.270010.0±0.244.0±0.5
AAANI-MH AAA850J1.285010.1±0.244.0±0.5
5/4AAANI-MH 5/4AAA7501.275010.0±0.250.5±0.5
5/7AAAANI-MH 5/7AAA11001.2110010.0±0.266.5±0.5
AANI-CD AA8001.280013.9±0.248.0±0.5
AANI-CD AA11001.2110013.9±0.248.0±0.5
7/5AANI-CD 7/5AA13001.2130013.9±0.264.5±0.5
AANI-MH AA20001.2200014.2±0.248.8±0.5
AANI-MH AA2300J1.2230014.2±0.250.0±0.5
AANI-MH AA2400J1.2240014.2±0.250.0±0.5
2/3AANI-MH 2/3AA7001.270013.9±0.228.1±0.5
4/5AANI-MH 4/5AA12001.2120013.9±0.242.6±0.5
7/5AANI-MH 7/5AA18001.2180013.9±0.264.5±0.5
ANI-CD A16001.2160016.6±0.249.0±0.5
4/5ANI-CD 4/5A12001.2120016.6±0.242.1±0.5
7/5ANI-CD 7/5A20001.2200016.6±0.266.2±0.5
ANI-MH A21001.2210016.6±0.249.0±0.5
1/2ANI-MH 1/2A10001.2100016.3±0.227.4±0.5
4/5ANI-MH 4/5A20001.2200016.6±0.242.1±0.5
7/5ANI-MH 7/5A35001.2350016.6±0.266.0±0.5
7/5ANI-MH 7/5A38001.2380016.6±0.266.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC13001.2130022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC18001.2180022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC22001.2220022.0±0.242.0±0.5
4/5SCNI-CD 4/5SC12001.2120022.0±0.232.5±0.5
5/4SCNI-CD 5/4SC20001.2200022.0±0.249.0±0.5
5/4SCNI-CD 5/4SC23001.2230022.0±0.249.0±0.5
SCNI-MH SC28001.2280022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-MH SC33001.2330022.0±0.242.0±0.5
4/5SCNI-MH 4/5SC20001.2200022.0±0.232.5±0.5

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