Lithium Ion Home Energy Storage 48v 200ah Lifepo4 Solar Battery 10kwh

2021-04-06 06:44


Battery Type:
LiFePO4 battery
Rated Voltage
Rated Capacity
Continuous Charge Current
Continuous Discharge Current
Max. Discharge Current
Working Temperature (CC/CV)
25°C,monthly ≤3%
Cycle Life
≥5000 cycles, up to 10-year life span
482.6*600*308mm or customized
96 kg
Communication Ports
TTL232、RS485、CANBus、Bluetooth Optional
Support up to 15 pieces connected in parallel


This 48V 200Ah LFP battery system has built-in BMS and stainless steel box painted in black or white.

1. Maintenance free. Modular design for easy installation and capacity expansion.
2. Long cycle life.
3. Bulit-in smart BMS with multiple protection and communication functions.
4. Wide working temperature range and high reliability.
5. Multiple battery units can be connected in parallel,suitable for high energy storage applications.
6. Compatible with various charge controllers and inverters.
7. Widely used for off-grid solar system storage, telecom back-up, central data center...etc.
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