LiPO Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 80mAH / 7.4V 80mAH

2020-08-10 09:41

Min capacity80 mAh         0.2C Discharge
Initial Impedance≤430mΩ
Nominal voltage

Fully charge voltage(FC)

Fully discharge voltage(FD)

3.7 V

4.2 V            Defined in this DOC: FC = 4.2 V

2.75 V            Defined in this DOC: FD = 2.75 V

Standard charge current0.5 C
Standard charging method0.5C CC ( constant current ) charge to FC, then

CV(constant voltage FC)charge till charge current

decline to ≤0.01C

Charging timeStandard Charging

Approx 3 hours

Max. charge currentConstant Current 1C Constant Voltage FC 0.01 C cut-off
Max. discharge currentConstant current 1C end voltage FD
Standard Discharge CurrentConstant current 0.2 C end voltage FD
Charge cut-off voltageRef. 8.1 VDET1
Discharge cut-off VoltageRef. 8.1 VDET2
Storage temperature


-20℃~60℃≤1 monthPercentage of recoverable capacity no

less than 80% of the initial capacities

-20℃~45℃≤3 month
-20℃~28℃≤1 year
Recoverable capacityConstant current 0.5C charge to FC, then constant

voltage FC charge to current declines to 0.01C, rest for

10min,constant current 0.5C discharge to FD,rest for

10min.Repeat above steps 3 times, recording the

maximum capacity

Storage Humidity≤75% RH
AppearanceWithout distortion and leakage
Standard testing conditionTemperature       : 23±5℃

Humidity             : ≤75%RH

Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106 Kpa

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