26650 46.8V 40Ah Portable outdoor portable power supply

2020-08-26 09:11


2Cell Specification26650/5000mAh/3.6V
3Battery pack26650-13S8P-40Ah-46.8V
4Rated Capacity40AhCustomizable
5Min Capacity36Ah
7Nominal Voltage46.8V(48V)Customizable
8Voltage Before Shipment≥49.4V
9Inner Resistance≤200mΩ
10Charging Voltage54.6±0.2V
11Floating Charging Voltage55.25±0.2V
12Standard Charging Current8A0.2C
13Max Charging Current20A0.5C
14Standard Discharging Current8ACustomizable
15Max Discharging Current20ACustomizable
16Peak discharge current80A/0.1s
17Terminate Voltage35.75V
18SizeLength   371±1 mmCustomizable
Wide   270±1 mmCustomizable
Thickness   146±1 mmCustomizable
19WeightAround 15kg±0.5kg
20Output WayCustomizable
21Working TemperatureCharge:0~45℃
Recommended Working Temperature:15℃~35℃
22Self-discharge RateThe Residual Capacity:   ≤3%/Month;    ≤15%/Year
Recoverable Capacity

: ≤1.5%/Month;   ≤8%/Year

23Storage EnvironmentLess Than a Month:-20~+35℃、45~75%RH
Less Than 3 Months:-10~+35℃、45~75%RH
Recommended Storage Temperature:15~30℃、45~75%RH
24Warranty12 Months
25Operation StandardGB31241-2014
Long time storage:

When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it should be charged to nearly 50% of the battery with a voltage of about 27.2V and placed under the recommended storage conditions. Do a full charge and discharge cycle at least once every 6 months (charge first, discharge and then recharge 50%).

Application Field:

Rail transit communication, unmanned ship communication, portable communication equipment, mobile communication base station, photovoltaic solar energy storage, energy storage power station, home energy storage, traffic signs, mining mining, medical equipment and equipment, industrial machinery equipment, security instrumentation, power tools, wireless monitoring equipment, automation equipment, etc.

Main Features:

1. Battery pack is safe and has good low temperature performance and long cycle life.

2. Battery pack cycle life is high, in line with the low carbon, energy saving, environmental values.

3. The BMS system is built into the battery, with multiple protection functions. The PCM/BMS adopts the most advanced chips and MOS from Japan and the United States, and is balanced.

4. Li-ni-co-mn-o (ternary material) and LiFePO4 (lithium iron) are available for selection.

5. The car gauge electric cell can be selected as a combination unit to ensure the consistency, stability and safety of the battery pack.

6. Multistring combination and battery modular design.

7. Small size, light weight, long life, high replacement efficiency, deep charging and discharging, easy to carry, to provide your system with reliable, high-quality power and energy

8. Power battery has the advantages of more cycle charge and discharge times, low self-discharge rate, long service life, strong deep discharge ability, high charging efficiency, strong power, strong anti-seismic ability, less maintenance or maintenance free, etc.


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