Low Temperature LiFePO4 12V 100AH

2020-08-11 06:34

 ItemGeneral ParameterRemark
ModelLFP 3.2V 100AHSingle
Casing material for single cellNickel plated steel
Standard capacity(0.2C5A)100Ah
Rated voltage12.8VWork voltage:3.20V
Max.Charge voltage14.6VSingle Ave. charge Voltage 3.65V
Cut-off voltage10VSingle Ave. Discharge Voltage 2.5V
Standard charge current50A0.5C
Charging TimeAbout 5h
Max Continuous discharge current100A or 175A1C
Peak discharge current200A or 320A2C (5s)
Battery dimension328±1*171±1*215±1mm
Shell MaterialABS
Total weight(Approx.)About 12kg
Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz.)≤ 45mΩ


Charge Method (CC/CV)

Standard0℃~45℃ (32℉~113℉)
discharge-20℃~65℃ (-4℉~140℉)
storage-20℃~45℃ (-4℉~176℉)

Main Features
1. Lighter in weight, heavier on power
2. Use a grade prismatic cells. More than 3000 cycle times.
3. Max discharge continuous current 175A, peak 320A.
4. Maintenance free. Can connect in parallel and series.
5. Safer performance. Our batteries have passed different safety tests.
6. IP65 Waterproof ratings.

Built in BMS overall protection
1.Over charged protection
2.Over discharged protection
3.Thermal protection
4.Over load protection
5.Over current protection

Bluetooth Function

LiFePO4 technology offers high-powered cell performance compatible with lots of lithium-ion application to deliver more power and extend long life. Also builted with bluetooth function allow you to read battery status freely anytime.

Self-heated Function
To relieve winter range anxiety in some freezing environment, the BMS can bring with self heating function. Resistance heating rapidly warms the inside of battery. Start heating temperature:≤0°C. Stop heating temperature:≥10°C. Can improve battery charge / discharge performance.

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