Low Temperature 48V 200AH With Self Heated Function

2020-08-11 06:36

Part Number3.2V Rechargeable Prismatic Cell 120Ah Deep Cycle 250Ah Pack 200Ah 48V 20Ah Lifepo4 100Ah Lithium Ion 150Ah 12V Solar Battery
Rated Capacity 200Ah
Nominal Voltage 12V
Max Charge Voltage 14.6V
Discharge Cut Off Voltage 10V
Charging Current 40A
Max. Continuous Discharging Current 200A
Cycle Life 2000 times
Self-discharge Rate ≤3% per month (@25℃±5)
Dimensions (L*W*H)(L)521x(W)237.9x(H)217.3mm ±5mm / Customized
Weight 26Kg
Operating Temperature Charging: 0 ~ 45℃/Discharging:-20 ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 45℃
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity
Certification CE/RoHS/MSDS/UN38.3
Warranty 5 Years
Delivery period 7-20 days, depending on stock and quantity.
 Main protection function Overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, etc.

Main Applications

1.Energy Storage: Solar-Wind Power System / City Grid (On/Off) / Community and Family / RV Motorhome /Golf Carts Battery / Boat Marine Yachts / Electric Skateboard / Vehicles.
2.Back-up System and UPS: Telcom Base / CATV system / Computer Server Center / Medical Instrument / Military Equipment.
3.Other Applications: Security and Electronics / Mobile POS, Mining Light / Torch / LED Light / Emergency Light / LED Backup / Engine Starting Battery, etc.

Main Features
1. Lighter in weight, heavier on power
2. Use a grade prismatic cells. More than 3000 cycle times.
3. Max discharge continuous current 175A, peak 320A.
4. Maintenance free. Can connect in parallel and series.
5. Safer performance. Our batteries have passed different safety tests.
6. IP65 Waterproof ratings.

Built in BMS overall protection
1.Over charged protection
2.Over discharged protection
3.Thermal protection
4.Over load protection
5.Over current protection

Bluetooth Function

LiFePO4 technology offers high-powered cell performance compatible with lots of lithium-ion application to deliver more power and extend long life. Also builted with bluetooth function allow you to read battery status freely anytime.

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