lithium ion battery pack lifepo4 48v 200Ah for solar electric car

2020-11-11 03:24


Lithium ion battery pack lifepo4 48v 200Ah for solar electric car

ModelAIN-48200 :  48v 200Ah/16S2P 10KWh /PC
Nominal voltage51.2V
Charge voltage58.4V
Nominal capacity200Ah
Battery size870*365*175mm
Net weight97.0KG, GROSS WITH wood pallet package BOX102.0 kgs
Battery cellLithium lifepo4 prismatic cell 100Ah  3.2V , IN 16s2p
Life cycle3000 times 80%dod,  6000 times 65% dod, 8000 times 40% dod
Max continuous charge currentmax 0.5C 100A ,  standard 20A
Max continuous discharge current BMS200Amps,  Peak 250Amps in 10 seconds.  Optional 100A BMS, 200A Peak
Max peak discharge current279A /2.5C+
Charge methodCC/CV
Charge temperature0-45°C
Discharge temperature-20-60°C
BMS protectionover-charge,over-discharge,       over-current,short circuit
CERTIFICATESCE Cells, MSDS 48V 200AH PACK, un38.3 Cells

Cycle life:    

Deep cycle life  3000 times,   80%dod,

Deep cycle life  6000 times ,      65% dod,

Deep cycle  life  8000 times,    4 0% dod


Packing And Shipping 


Q: What are there included for a battery or pack , may i buy charger from you?
A: Battery case, BMS, battery pack,  can buy customzied connector, charger
Q:  How long does it take to recharge the battery?
A:  usually it takes 5-6  hours with 40A standard charger.

Q: How long I can get it?

A:If small quantity, delivery date about  15 Working  days  after payement, shipping delivery depends on the agents flights schedules.

Q:What's the warranty?

A: 3-5 Years Warranty from the delivery date.

Norma use under care:

No Fire, No Water, No Broken, No short-circruit,

warranty from the delivery date.

Man-made problems not in warranty.

Q: Can i customize the size of battery?

A: Of course yes if yourquantity MOQ  workable.


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