Factory Price Deep Cycle Solar RV Caravan Marine 12 volt Lithium Ion Batteries 12V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery

2022-02-22 02:43


Rated Voltage
Rated Capacity
IP56 ABS case
Charging Current
Discharge Current
Peak Discharge Current
Cell Type
3.2V100Ah Prismatic Cell
Charge Temperature
0℃ to 45℃(32℉ to 113℉) @60±25% Relative Humidity
Discharge Temperature
-20℃ to 60℃(-4℉ to 140℉) @60±25% Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature
0℃ to 45℃(32℉ to 113℉) @60±25% Relative Humidity
Cycle Life
5000 times

Why Choose LiFePo4 Batteries Rather Than Lead Acid Batteries ?
1.Longer battery life – 5000times life cycle @60%DOD, 5 times more than lead acid batteries
2.Low self-discharge <3.5% per months
3.Free of charge memory
4.Steady discharge and charge performance.
5.Outstanding thermal stability
6.Wide temperature performance
7.Short circuit protection
8.Over charge and over discharge protection
9.Over current protection
10.Easy carrying and installation - can be carried and installed in any direction
11.Fast charging - about 4~6 hours to be fully charged
12.Lighter weight - 1/2~1/4 in weight compared to LA batteries
13.Require no change to a lead acid battery charging system
14.Better safety - mild warm, no explosion and firing, free of leakage
15.Environmentally friendly - no poisonous lead, no acid, no heavy/rare metals
16.No gasses during charge, free of leakage and pollution


Our Factory


1. Can your battery be wired in series or parallel?

A: YES,YOU can connect up to four of these batteries in parallel or up to four in series.

2. Can the bms be removed and replaced if it breaks? Can the case be opened to replace a bad cell?

A: YES, the case can be opened to replace the BMS & cells

3. What is the shipping cost?

A: For you get the precise shipping cost, please tell us your required quantity and shipping address.

4. What is the delivery time? What is your standard packing?

A: Usually delivery in 7-15days, but could be changed according to the quantity or other things.

A: 1 unit in a CARTON or 1 unit in a WOODEN, 60pcs/Pallet

5. What warranty do you have?

A: Warranty: 3years, we would provide repair or replacement with the warranty period.

6. Do you have Blue-tooth communication with your batteries?

A: Yes, please let us know if you require Blue-tooth communication with the batteries. and YOU can rename your battery in the App.

7. Does the app allow to check the voltage of each cell?

A: YES, the App allows you to read the voltage of each at any time.

8. Can you modify the app so there is no chinese in it?

A: YES,The system language is English without Chinese.

9. What are your terms of payment?

A: The payment term will be 30%T/T for deposit and the balance before shipment

10. If your lithium battery goes into protection mode, how do you wake it up?

A: Using lithium chargers to wake up the battery. The lithium charger wakes up the batteries automatically.

11. Do you have CE/ MSDS/ UN38.3 / certification for safe transport of goods?


12. Are you a factory?

A: YES, our factory is located in Dongguan city.

13. Can I print my LOGO on it?

A: YES, LOGO/sticker/OEM/ODM welcomed.


Note: We are a battery manufacturer. All products do not support retail, we only do B2B business.please contact us for product prices!