18650 RGV Monitoring equipment lithium battery electric patrol robot lithium battery 36V30Ah

2020-08-26 03:02

NOItemStandard  Remark
2Cell Specification18650/3350mAh/3.6V
3Battery pack18650-10S9P-30Ah-36V
4Rated Capacity30AhCustomizable
5Min Capacity28.5Ah
7Nominal Voltage36VCustomizable
8Voltage Before Shipment≥39V
9Inner Resistance≤150mΩ
10Charging Voltage42.0±0.2V
11Floating Charging Voltage42.5±0.2V
12Standard Charging Current6A0.2C
13Max Charging Current15A0.5C
14Standard Discharging Current6ACustomizable
15Max Discharging Current25ACustomizable
16Peak discharge current70A/0.1s
17Terminate Voltage27.5V
18SizeLength   235±1 mmCustomizable
Wide  190±1 mmCustomizable
Thickness  85±1 mmCustomizable
19Weight约 6.5kg±0.5kg
20Output WayCustomizable
21Working TemperatureCharge:0~45℃
Recommended Working Temperature:15℃~35℃
22Self-discharge RateThe Residual Capacity:   ≤3%/Month;    ≤15%/year
Recoverable Capacity

: ≤1.5%/Month;   ≤8%/Year

23Storage EnvironmentLess Than a Month:-20~+35℃、45~75%RH
Less Than 3 Months:-10~+35℃、45~75%RH
Recommended Storage Environment


24Warranty12 Months
25Operation StandardGB31241-2014
Long time storage:

When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it should be charged to nearly 50% of the battery with a voltage of about 39V and placed under the recommended storage conditions. Do a full charge and discharge cycle at least once every 6 months (charge first, discharge and then recharge 50%).

Application Field:

Electric uav room patrol inspection lithium battery, medical equipment and equipment power supply, security instruments and meters, wireless monitoring equipment, RGV rail transit, unmanned ships, security backup power supply, etc

Main Features:

1. Shockproof and waterproof: Shockproof structure is designed by filling the inner shell of aluminum alloy to meet the requirements of portability, high safety and high reliability;

2, super large capacity: imported high energy density 18650/3.6 V/3350mAh cell, small volume, high capacity.

3. Reliable connection: Industrial aviation connector, fast, safe and reliable;

4. Communication protocol: RS485 communication protocol is adopted to facilitate reading of battery capacity, temperature, power supply, current and other information.

5. The battery pack is safe with a temperature probe, and the temperature exceeds that of automatic starting protection;

6. Battery pack cycle life is high, in line with the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection;

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