LiPO Customized Battery 1654 3.7V 120mAh

2020-08-11 03:18

Cell modelAIN1654
Nominal voltage3.7V
Minimum capacity120mAh(0.2C discharge)
Typical capacity123mAh(0.2C discharge)
Charging voltage4.2V
Discharging cut-off voltage3.0V
Standard charging0.2C /4.2V
Max charging1.0C /4.2V
Standard discharging0.2C/3.0V
Continued discharging0.5C / 3.0V
Shipment voltage3.85-4.15V
Cell Internal Resistance≤450 mΩ
Maximum charging current0°C~10°C 0.2C max
10°C~20°C 0.5C max
20°C~45°C 1.0C max
Maximum discharge current-5°C~0°C 0.2C max
0°C~25°C 0.5C max
25°C~60°C 1.0C max
Operating temperatureCharging: 0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -5°C ~60°C
Storage (Relationship between storage time and temperature at 50% capacity)0℃~25℃   (12 months, ≥80% )
0℃ ~45℃     (6 months, ≥80% )
20±5℃ is the recommended storage temperature
Visual InspectionThere should not be any remarkable scratches, cracks, bolts, cauterization, deformations, swelling , leakage and so on the surface of the cell.


(1) Battery sample orders for testing are welcome.

(2) MOQ is lower, please feel free contact our staff if you need.

(3) It is our honor to provide service for you, no matter how many you order.

2. OEM & ODM

OEM and ODM orders are welcome, just send us your design and we can make

your ideas into reality.

3. Quality

(1)100% tested in production. Test one by one before shipping. All the products will go through 4 checks.

(2) Mass production will only start after we get your confirmation of samples.

4. Manufacture

(1) We have our own factory.

(2) Provide you “customized products” along with the best price.


1.Wireless Headphones,Wireless  Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad,Outdoor LED Light.
2. Air purifier, Hand warmer, Smart water cup, Electric toothbrush, Fingerprint lock. Hearing aid.
3. Beauty/Washing Instrument ,Reading Pen, Recording Pen, Sex toys, Miner Lamp ,Airplane Model.Tire Pressure Meter .Driving Recorder .

Note: We are a battery manufacturer. All products do not support retail, we only do B2B business.please contact us for product prices!