Lead Acid Battery Replacement 12V 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery

2023-05-23 07:02

1Model NumberAIN-1210
2Rated Capacity10Ah
3Nominal Voltage12.8V
4Life ExceptionHigher than 80% .of the Initial Capacity of the Cells
5Discharge cut-off voltage8V
6Charging cut-off voltage14.6V
7Cell and assembly method26650-3.6AH
8Housing materialABS+PC
9Standard charge0.5C constant current(CC) charge to 14.6Vthen constant voltage (CV) 14.6V charge till charge current decline to ≤0.05C
10Standard dischargeConstant current 0.5C

Cut-off voltage8V

11Maximum Continuous Charge Current≤10A
12Maximum Continuous Discharge Current≤10A
13Peak Discharge≤25A (7.5 s ±2.5 s)





Operation Temperature Range

Charge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -20~60℃(cell surface temperature≤80℃)



Storage Temperature Range

Less than 1 year : 0~25℃
Less than 3 months:-10~35℃
16WeightApprox: 1.2Kg

 Lithium iron phosphate life (LiFePO4)
Characteristics: Compared with other lithium batteries, its theoretical life is 5 to 15years, or 2000 to 8000 cycles. When not in use, the monthly self-discharge loss is only 3%-5%, and the performance is superior.The charging cycle refers to the entire process from full charge to full discharge and then to full charge.

Quality Assurance: We will match and balance all batteries before delivery to ensure that the internal resistance, voltage and capacity of the batteries are fully matched and balanced before delivery.

About charging: It is characterized by no memory effect and fast charging. You don't need to put it fully and then charge it.For lithium iron phosphate batteries, the recommended standard charging current is 0.2C, and the maximum charging current is 0.5C.

About safety and environmental protection: Lithium iron phosphate battery is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, does not cause pollution, does not contain heavy metals, and is a true green battery. Safety comes from the stability of the positive electrode material and the reliable safety design, which will not cause an explosion even in a severe collision.


Application range: Suitable for DIY RV battery, solar energy storage, electric tricycle, electric vehicle, high-power inverter, communication base station, mobile power station, electric vehicle, emergency power UPS, electric motor, electric tricycle, power generation and four-wheel electric Car etc.

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Delivery time
Normally delivery within 7-20days, but can arrange in advance if order confirm or produce faster according to quality or other reason.
1.We accept T/T , PAYPAL , Western Union, Cash and so on.

2. FOB , EXW and CIF all are available
3. Samples can accept Paypal
Shipping way
DHL, UPS, Fedex, Special Line, Sea shipping, Customer own forwarder


Q: Your factory or trading company?
A: We are a professional battery manufacturer with our own factory and brand. We provide various OEM/ODM services to customers all over the world.

Q: Where is your company's main market?
A: Our company focuses on high-quality batteries for North American, European, Korean and Japanese markets.

Q: What are your advantages compared to other suppliers?
a) High quality battery: our battery has enough capacity, low RI, Before shipping, we will check the product and make sure the quality is approved by the customer.
b) Better Service: We always provide the needs of our customers. Respond to customer questions in a timely manner. Provide customers with the best project solutions. We ship on time.

Q: Does the shipping way to our country include tax?
A: It depends on the country and the shipping way you choose. Most Asian countries, most European countries, the United States, and Canada have tax-included shipping channels if needed.

Q: How to proceed with an order?
A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly, We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly, customer confirms the samples and places a deposit for formal order. Finally, we arrange the
production and then delivery.

Q: What are your payment and delivery terms?

A: Payment terms: By T/T, 30% deposit, and balance all before shipment. For small amounts, we also accept payments via PayPal.

Q: Which company will be used for shipment? DHL? UPS or something else?
A: Usually, for small batteries, will ship by DHL, UPS and FedEx. But for the larger batteries, will ship by Sea. And can provide the DDP service.

Q: What is your package like? Can I have a customized package?
A: We have the factory's current standard packaging, the customized printed logo should meet the buyer's requirements, the additional cost will be borne by the buyer, please contact us for more details.

Q: Can we visit your factory before placing an order?
A: Of course there is no problem. We welcome you to visit the factory at any time.

Note: We are a battery manufacturer. All products do not support retail, we only do B2B business.please contact us for product prices!