ALL IN ONE Electric Bike Batteries

2021-05-31 07:04

Electric Bike Batteries: Size Matters

One of the most important components of any electric bike is the BATTERY, but it’s surprisingly overlooked by many riders when they make their first e-bike purchase.  And it’s universally cited as one of the biggest complaints among new riders after they buy their first e-bike: ‘I wish I would have bought an e-bike with a bigger battery’

Ultimately, the size of the battery determines how much power, speed and range you can expect from your new e-bike. If you’re interested in power, speed or range, then pay close attention to battery size. The majority of e-bikes currently available today are based around a  36 or 48-Volt battery; typically providing very modest power, speed and hill climbing performance.

The higher voltage packs fuels considerably more power, more speed and higher efficiency for a more enjoyable ride.

The 52V battery system has been used by “hot-rodders” to achieve a higher level of e-bike performance compared to the standard  48V systems. Over the last decade,  Bikes has engineered and built the necessary infrastructure to make a turn-key 52V battery available on every  electric bike.

Key Advantages of the 52-Volt Platform

More Power: Power is essentially amps multiplied by voltage: higher voltage = more power. All Juiced Bikes batteries use High Rate Cells and up to 45Amps Max current (nearly double the industry standard).

More speed: Electric motors naturally spin faster with high voltage. Our higher voltage systems allow all of our e-bikes to reach Class 3 (28MPH) performance, with some models exceeding 30MPH throttle-only speeds, while still providing great hill climbing torque desired by e-bike enthusiasts.

More Range: Powering a riding range of up to 100 miles per charge, our massive 52V batteries offer an unparalleled value in the e-bike market and possibly one of the most important differences between the 48V and 52V systems.

More efficiency: Higher battery voltage allows the rider to achieve more power and faster speeds with less current  draw from the battery. These are all benefits which extend the life of the electronics system.

The Importance of Amp Hours 

Battery packs are defined by the Voltage and the Amp-Hour (Ah). While the voltage defines the speed and power of the e-bike. What determines how far you can go is total energy in the battery pack. To get more range, you'll need more Amp Hours.

Energy is basically the Voltage x Amp Hour 

So, a e-bike with our largest 52V/19.2Ah battery delivers 998.4Wh. An e-bike with a smaller 48V/14Ah battery only provides just 672Wh of power. E-bike experts and enthusiasts often encourage new buyers to buy an e-bike with as much watt hours as they can afford because it fuels every important feature of owning an electric bike.

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