Basic Parameters Of Lithium Battery

2021-06-28 01:57

Lithium-ion battery is widely used in the energy storage system. When purchasing lithium battery,we need to know the main parameters of lithium-ion battery.

1.Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is one of the important performance indicators to measure the performance of the battery. It represents the amount of Electricity discharged by the battery under certain conditions (discharge rate, temperature, termination voltage, etc.)

Nominal voltage and nominal ampere hours are the most basic and core concepts of batteries.

Electricity (Wh)=Power (W)*Hour(h)=Voltage (V)*Amp-hour(Ah)

2.Battery discharge rate

Reflects the battery charge-discharge capacity rate; charge-discharge rate=charge-discharge current/rated capacity.

It represents speed of discharge. Generally, the capacity of the battery can be detected by different discharge currents.

For example, when a battery with a battery capacity of 200Ah is discharged at 100A, its discharge rate is 0.5C.

3.DOD (Depth of Discharge)

It refers to the percentage of the battery's discharged capacity to the battery's rated capacity during battery use

4.SOC (State of charge)

It represents the percentage of the battery's remaining power to the battery's rated capacity.

5.SOH (State of Health)

It refers to the battery health status (including capacity, power, internal resistance, etc.)

6.Internal resistance of battery

It is an important parameter to measure the performance of the battery. The large internal resistance of the battery will reduce the working voltage of the battery when discharging, increase the internal energy loss of the battery, and aggravate the heating of the battery. The internal resistance of battery is mainly affected by many factors, such as battery material, manufacturing process, battery structure and so on.

7.Cycle life

It refers to the number of charging and discharging cycles that the battery can withstand before its capacity decays to a specified value under certain charging and discharging conditions. One cycle refers to one full charge and one full discharge. The number of cycles depends on the quality and material of the battery.

The number of cycles depends on the quality and material of the battery.

these are the basic parameters of lithium battery. With the reduction of battery cost, the improvement of battery energy density, safety and life, energy storage will usher in more large-scale applications.

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